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The First Story of Intentions 

Like many of you, I’ve spent most of my life with other people’s voices in my head telling me my value, who I should or could not be, and who I was or would never be. I was voiceless figuratively and literally. Until I was able to heal my inner child, I was unable to have personal intimacy with “The Self,” let alone anyone else. I felt like a robot going through life doing what others expected while I was, personally lost, sad, lonely, and numb. The only thing that gave me joy during that time of my life was helping other people.

I had to learn to love myself, which meant, I had to be honest with myself, to face and accept that I was miserable and that where I was, wasn’t where I wanted to be and that was NOT what I wanted for myself, my children.

Writing this book released me from all fear, allowing me to be completely open and intimate about my journey to self-acceptance, my life’s purpose, my gifts, and God-given talents so that you would know who I am, flaws, and all. I would never ask you to be intimate if I wasn’t willing to be intimate, myself.

This book has been a part of my life’s purpose and my most intimate work to date. I want my life to be a living example of what intentional conscious living targeted at the inner child’s subconsciousness can do in your life.

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Juniper Jillian Joy

Juniper Jillian Joy, formerly known as Tammie Shannon, is a Renaissance woman of the twenty-first century. Joy is most known for having two successful careers, one as a soulful Nashville Recording Blues Artist Singer/Songwriter while, also managing her own business, Shannon Success Strategies, as a life coach and financial strategist creating niche strategies for her high-net-worth clients focusing on tax-free retirement solutions as well as teaching business leaders how to use intentions targeted at the inner child experience to build and grow their businesses and most recently, a book author.

Juniper Jillian Joy has spent the last seven years traveling the world researching the human body and emotional response systems, as well as how trauma, negative stimuli, and other damaging conditions affect the emotional response systems. During her many years of travel and interactions with doctors, educators, and research she discovered she had the potential to heal her inner child from previous traumatic experiences.

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